Rumours and (Mis)information


Rumours are among the oldest known forms of informal communication. In this project, we study how the spread of rumours are a direct consequence of communities navigating risk and uncertainty in new and ambiguous situations.

Existing Research Study: Rumours as collective sense-making

This study investigates the role of communication channels in communities making sense of external events. It also looks at how the flows of information are shaped by the contours of trust in the face of exogenous shocks.

Existing Design Project: Shaping rumours for social good

Informed by a deep understanding of rumours, this project investigates how designers can shape rumours to rapidly disseminate high-quality information to communities that are at the margins of society without access to trusted formal communication channels.


  1. Chandra, P. & Pal, J. (2019). Rumors and Collective Sensemaking: Managing Ambiguity in an Informal Marketplace. In Proceedings of the 2019 SIGCHI conference on human factors in computing systems. ACM. link
  2. Leveraging Rumours to reduce misinformation campaigns (Currently under Review)
Priyank Chandra
Postdoctoral Fellow

I study design and informality focusing on communities who live on the margins.