About Me

I am a 4th year doctoral candidate in the School of Information at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. I hold a MS in Economics and a BE in Electronics Engineering with prior experience in education research and data analytics. I work at the intersection of development studies and technology and am advised by Prof. Joyojeet Pal.

Amongst other stuff, I love the following in no specific order - science, computer games, Doctor Who, mythology, cataloguing music, Carl Sagan, evolution, technology, dragons, Wong Kar-Wai, football, and Douglas Adams.

Research Interests

As an ICTD/HCI researcher, my research - both qualitative and quantitative - primarily focuses on technology appropriation in the Global South.

I look at the role of informality in the adoption, consumption, and reproduction of technology. To this end, a major strand of my research explores the informal technology markets that dot urban landscapes across the world. Through ethnographic observations and interviews, I investigate how such informal market infrastructures play an important role in allowing low and middle income communities access to technology goods and services.

A related strand of research maps the software piracy supply ecosystem - from understanding the institutions that support the warez scene where software is initially cracked to parsing the motivations of vendors who sell these softwares to consumers.

A final strand of research looks at the adoption and use of social media by politicians in the Global South with a focus on how social media relates to discourses of development.

Peer-reviewed Publications

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Peer-reviewed Notes and Workshops

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